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Imagine you're out hiking, camping, or backpacking and you run out of water. You find a nearby stream and fill your bottle but the water isn't safe to drink. You pull out your portable water purifier and drink the precious water knowing that no harm will come to you and those you care about on your adventure all because you came prepared.


  • Multiple water filter core of activated carbon and antibacterial particles removes 99.99% of bacteria, parasitic protozoa, and superfluous impurities
  • Removes bad odors to provide a crisp clean taste
  • Four-stage water filtration contains no chemicals, no batteries, and no moving parts to promote long usage
  • Dust proof cover with suction mouth to keep things clean and sanitary
  • Comes with a dock to attach a beverage bottle or a folding bag for convenient drinking
  • BONUS: comes with a cleaning syringe, carabiner, and key ring for travel.
Portable Water Purifier
$19.99 $29.99

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